Voxx Power Systems Installed Battery Backup - Polaris Slingshot

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The Voxx power system is an easy way to jump-start your Slingshot battery without even having to get out of the driver's seat. Save yourself the embarrassment and hassle of jumping your Slingshot after running the music or LED lights for too long with the engine off.

The Voxx Power Systems (VPS) is installed in any of the flexible mounting locations and wired directly to the vehicle's main battery. As the Slingshot is driven, the VPS pulls a trickle charge to fill its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, ensuring it is always fully charged. Once full, the intelligent patent-pending circuitry stops charging from the Slingshot's battery. When the driver needs to jump the vehicle they open the VPS app hit "Jump" and they are on their way, safe, sound, and on time, all without leaving the drivers seat.


  • Provides an emergency jump-start when your Slingshot's battery is dead
  • No need to rely on expensive Roadside Assistance, jumper cables, or portable jump packs that lose their charge
  • Comfort & Convenience - Jump-start your Slingshot from the driver's seat with your Smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • Versatile installation allows install under seat, in the luggage compartment, or other hidden areas.
  • On-Demand power when you need it
  • Wires directly to the vehicle battery so you never need to go outside in the cold, heat, or rain to hook up jumper cables
  • Wires Directly To Vehicle Battery
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Control Vehicle Via Smartphone Via App
  • App Compatible With iOS & Android
  • Self-Monitors To Prevent Overcharging
  • IP67 Waterproof Rated