DS18 Marine Tinned OFC Amplifier Installation Kit 4-GA

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Install your marine audio system’s amplifier EASILY with DS18’s HYDRO MOFCKIT4!
This high-quality wiring kit is a must-have for any marine audio enthusiast. Crafted with oxygen-free copper (OFC), the MOFCKIT4 ensures superior power flow, connectivity, and durability: for an electrifying performance every session.

Fortified for all marine applications, the MOFCKIT4 is built to withstand the harshest conditions. The package includes power, ground, and remote OFC wiring, along with RCA cables, fuse-sized wiring, and a waterproof fuse holder. The MOFCKIT4 is the all-in-one solution to power up your audio experience hassle-free.

Reach your full sound potential with 4 GA wires, capable of handling up to 1800W of power, for an audio experience that’s not just powerful but dynamic. The tin copper construction adds an extra layer of durability, making this kit the go-to choice for ANY marine audio setup.

Installation is easy with DS18’s HYDRO MOFCKIT4! Prepare your audio setup for unparalleled performance today!


    • Marine Installation Kit for 1 Amplifier
    • 4 GA Wire
    • Up to 1800 Watts
    • Waterproof Fuse Holder
    • OFC Tinned Wiring



    OFC Cable
    17 Ft. 4GA White Power Tin OFC Cable
    OFC Cable
    17 Ft. 4GA Black Ground Tin OFC Cable
    Fuse Holder
    Waterproof Fuse Holder
    OFC Cable RCA
    17 Ft. Red / Black RCA Tin OFC Cable With Metal Plugs
    OFC Cable Remote
    17 Ft. Blue Remote Tin OFC Cable