Slingshots In the Smokies 2020 Air Ride Install Reservation

  • Sale
  • $500

This deposit reserves your full Rev Dynamics suspension kit and discounted install at SSITS 2020 August 11-16.

  • Refundable up to 30 days in advance of the event
  • Deposit cost goes towards the price of your full digital air ride kit.

 Kits to choose from

    1. Rev Dynamics Digital+ Air Suspension Front Mount

  • Hidden front mount
  • Kit price $4125
  • SSITS Install: $800 ($200 off regular price)*
  • Avg Dealer install $1000-1500
  • Main components mount hidden in front. Not compatible with turbo/supercharger intercooler

Each kit Features:

  • Adjustable ride height (-4.5" lower to +2" taller from stock height)
  • Additional ground clearance at the push of a button
  • Improved handling and ride quality
  • 1,000,001 mile warranty included on shocks
  • Life of vehicle warranty on air management components
  • Impact forged body / mono-tube design for superior ride quality and durability
  • Easy & precise valve adjustment with 24 rebound clicks
  • Optional remote control with phone or key fobs
  • Made in USA

*Please note install price if for standard install. If you have aftermarket accessories that need to be modified or removed that are in the way of installing the kit it will be extra based on our hourly labor rate. Example: Led lights that are hard wired and don't allow panels to be removed without cutting and re-soldering all the small wires will add extra time. Led lights that quickly unplug allowing panels to be removed quickly will not add extra time or cost. If you have any concerns with your accessories please feel free to ask us if they will be a problem and we can let you if it will add extra time.

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